Learn About the Businesses Succeeding in Marshall and Harrison County

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Marshall’s Economic Development website now offers a free online business profile on Marshall, TX, and Harrison County. This business profile gives the viewer a map of the entire county along with pinpointed areas where every business in the county is located. Viewers can select any business in this area and learn specifics on each business including the name and address of each business, total number of employees, sales estimates, and industry information.

Viewers can also enter any city in this area and the geographical information system (GIS) will zoom in on this city and give you specifics on every business in that city. Another great feature this GIS tool offers is a total summary of all businesses by industry within the county or specified city. This tool is great for site selectors looking to learn more about the businesses that are thriving in the Marshall, TX, and Harrison County area. Click here to learn more!

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