Panola College receives $20,000 donation for School of Energy

Monday, March 14, 2022

Panola College School of Energy students will begin learning on new portable electrical trainers the program purchased from a $20,000 donation received from The Crain Foundation and R. Lacy Services. Students will use the new portable electrical trainers for basic and advanced electrical courses in programs such as electrical and instrumentation, residential commercial electrician, natural gas compression, petroleum technology, maintenance technician, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

The new portable electrical units will teach students about electrical AC and DC theory, relay theory, and simple and advanced circuitry. The training units provide opportunities for students to learn how to use a multimeter to measure four different electrical quantities. A variety of switch styles are represented on each unit to familiarize students with common switches found in commercial and residential applications. Light and sound components provide students feedback of their work with visual and auditory representation.

“We are grateful to The Crain Foundation and R. Lacy Services for providing state-of-the-art trainers that allow our students to have hands-on experiences,” said Michael Pace, School of Energy instructor. “The new portable basic electrical trainers enable us to reach more students by carrying the units to any available lab at Panola College Center or Carthage location.”

Category: Workforce Readiness, Education