Locals Find Success Through CTE and DE Programs in Marshall, Texas

Thursday, September 08, 2022

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Marshall, Texas has Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs available for kids to develop real occupation skills at an early age. Courses are available through Marshall Independent School District (Marshall ISD) and range from Animal Science to Engineering. Marshall ISD also has Dual Enrollment (DE) programs in partnership with East Texas Baptist University (ETBU), Texas State Technical College (TSTC), and Panola College. High school students can earn college credit for a fraction of the cost. Marshall Economic Development Corporation (Marshall EDC) sees both programs as vital to grow our community economically.

Marshall ISD CTE Options

From Agriculture to Automotive Technology and Culinary Arts to Healthcare, Marshall ISD offers 15 courses of study in programs that lead to advanced skills training. The focus on CTE courses in Marshall is a priority for Marshall ISD as new programs are added each year. The content of these CTE courses is designed so that students can develop the necessary skills to advance toward certificate awards or to gain an advantage toward higher education and career opportunities.

One interesting CTE option is for those seeking a career path toward Engineering. This program includes 4 courses that build upon each other, so students go from the basics to creating their own design and development. This tract gives a huge advantage for those wanting to pursue engineering at the college level. Automotive Technology is another. Progressing from the nuts and bolts to advanced computer automated systems can land a student at the threshold of certification for a very lucrative career with growth potential that doesn’t require a 4-year degree. Find even more MISD CTE programs in their 2022-2024 Programs of Study Guidebook or CTE page whether it be for a career in education, health, legal studies, or a different field.

MISD Dual Enrollment Options

  • Maverick University:  High school juniors and seniors can start earning college credit while attending high school. The credit earned goes to both your high school and ETBU and other colleges.
  • Mav Tech:  Students get a jump start toward high wage high demand jobs and technical jobs that are within the region with this Dual Enrollment partnership with TSTC. This opportunity will give students a head start toward earning the Occupational Skills Award, certificates, or a technical Associate's degree.
  • Panola College:  Students have a wide range of programs to choose from with Panola College’s Dual Credit  program. Eligible high school students grades 9-12 can participate in college courses and receive both high school and college credit for the same course. The Marshall campus also specializes in healthcare related fields.

Why is Marshall EDC Involved

One of Marshall Economic Development Corporation’s (Marshall EDC) primary objectives is to make sure our industries have the talent they need to thrive in Marshall and that our citizens are connecting with those opportunities. That is why Marshall EDC created the Workforce & Education Alignment Group (WE Align). WE Align provides a forum for businesses to talk to educators and vice versa about what skills they need and what they don’t need.  As technology changes, so do jobs. Skilled trades are in demand and unskilled trades are not. That little bit extra in skills training can make all the difference for our kids finding higher paying opportunities and retaining our businesses. The WE Align Group has also begun the formation of the WE Align Fund, a revenue source dedicated to workforce development for Marshall kids in Marshall jobs.

Jobs Openings in Marshall, TX

Top industries in Marshall and the surrounding area are Manufacturing, Retail, Education, and Healthcare. Some industries and some occupations within those industries pay better than others. A quick view of wages (hourly, median, 2021) for various recent jobs available can be seen below.

 Material Moving Workers   $18
 Engineers $44
 Registered Nurse  $40
 Teachers    $25
 CDL Truck Driver   $39
 Retail Manager   $19
Physicians  $100
Database Architects $54
Retail Salesperson $12
Waiter $9
Construction Manager $38
Production Manager$50

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