Marshall Economic Development Corporation Releases New Logo and Branding

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

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Marshall Economic Development Corporation released a new logo and new branding guidelines for 2023.  

MARSHALL, TEXAS, FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – Marshall Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has released a new logo and new branding guidelines for the 2023 year.  Marshall EDC’s goal is to promote economic growth in an economy that is undergoing a rapid transition in workforce skills and technological advancement. The organization believes it must build upon the long-term foundations of our capitalist economic system to spur private investment, promote higher education, improve infrastructure, and provide inclusive opportunities.

“The EDC must promote private investment, not replace it”, said Rush Harris, CEcD, Executive Director of Marshall EDC.  “Our plans must be long-term, holistic, and cohesive.  EDC operations and strategic planning should add value to our community’s balance of the 4 Factors of Production.”  These factors are the foundations of our modern economy:

  1. Land - the physical area and resources from the area for production
  2. Labor - human capital and knowledge/skills training for production
  3. Capital - equipment and infrastructure for production
  4. Entrepreneurship - the people who combine these factors for profit

The new logo was intentional, with each aspect of the design being important to the overall message they wanted to convey. 

The diamond of 4 squares in their new logo represents these 4 factors of production, and Marshall’s location within Texas is also depicted in the logo. The colors blue, white, and silver are intentional and reflect the following:

  • Texas Blue: Identifies the connection to the state and representative of freedom, imagination, and inspiration
  • White: Symbolic of transparency, open-mindedness, and inclusion
  • Silver: A dedication to quality, prosperity, innovation, and trust. 

The diamond is a symbol of high standards and wealth. The logo within its sealed boundary represents inclusion. Turned 45 degrees, it is a window, representing transparency and opportunity. It is also a centered crosshair and compass rose showcasing Marshall’s location being central to the southern USA and North America. The lines between squares crossing are for the convergence of major thoroughfares of road commerce, I-20 & US Hwy 59 (Future I-369), and rail lines running east-west and north, with connections to the south. 

Marshall EDC is opening communication and building relationships with entities that (1) positively affect the economy and (2) desire economic growth and investment in the people and assets of our town. One of the EDC’s goals is to create a more dynamic and proactive community focused on strategic investment generation rather than lower costs at the expense of long-term societal and human capital advancement.

“We seek to continuously improve and work with other entities to build stronger relationships and  stronger foundational pieces so businesses can focus on their business. We take care of the basics so you can take care of business. If we focus here.  Marshall will grow."

Rush Harris - Executive Director Marshall EDC

Marshall EDC wants businesses to seek and stay in Marshall because:

  1. Marshall’s leadership and environment provide the most stability to hedge business risk
  2. Marshall’s assets and infrastructure make the most financial sense for a return on investment
  3. Marshall’s human capital provides the long-term workforce necessary to operate profitably

For further information on this new branding or the guidelines for how to utilize the logo, contact Rush Harris, Executive Director Marshall EDC at (903) 934-8035.


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