Celebrate Giving Tuesday by Supporting Local Charities in Marshall, TX

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Celebrate Giving Tuesday with Marshall Economic Development Corporation this month on the 29th, when people throughout Marshall, TX and the world are encouraged to spend some time helping important causes of their choosing. This celebration takes place yearly across the globe. It is the perfect time to think about what matters to you, figure out who or what you want to help, and ultimately find a method of assisting, whether it be donating to a local nonprofit or logging volunteer hours in your spare time.

Giving Tuesday is meant to inspire everyone, no matter how busy, to lend a hand to people in need or organizations that help the community. It can serve as a reminder that some people don’t have much during the holidays and could benefit from food, shelter, and clothing. Even visiting people who have lost their families so that they have someone to spend time with during the holidays can make a substantial difference in someone’s life.

Donate and Volunteer in Marshall, TX

Marshall is full of nonprofits and charities that you can offer your assistance to on Giving Tuesday. Some of their objectives include helping animals, the earth, children, senior citizens, people who have experienced abuse, and more. Many nonprofits and charities are donation-based and depend on the help of volunteers. 

Our team at Marshall Economic Development Corporation invites Marshall residents to look into donating to or volunteering for one or more of the organizations below this Giving Tuesday.  Plus, there are a multitude of other Marshall charities to consider.

Advantages of Giving Back to Marshall Charities

Local nonprofits contribute considerably to not only the United States economy, but also the local economy. About 12.3 million jobs in 2016 came from nonprofit organizations, which is the same as the manufacturing industry employment rate and the 10.2 percent of employment by the U.S. private sector. 

Charities and nonprofits in Marshall assist with the creation of jobs in the area. They also enhance the quality of life for community members. They contribute to the health and happiness of Marshall residents. Donating and volunteering will set an example for local children and emphasize how critical it is to continue to help those in need. Each dollar that is given to a charity in Marshall will stay local, another benefit to remember on Giving Tuesday.

Support Your Favorite Cause in Marshall!

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with us this year to help support your favorite Marshall charity or nonprofit. We are looking forward to a fantastic holiday season filled with hope and wonder!

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