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By Marshall EDC | Mar 29, 2021

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TieTek Global LLC: Bringing Sustainability to the Railway Industry

Recyclable Materials that Offer a Superior Product  

Marshall, Texas: TieTek Global LLC is a local Marshall area company that has changed the game in the railway industry. They offer railroad crossties that are produced from approximately 80% recyclable materials. Recycling and sustainability aren’t generally the first thing people think about when they imagine railroads; however, that’s a perception TieTek is looking to change. TieTek is showing that it is possible to offer a superior product that is ecofriendly and benefits communities all over the nation. Each mile of TieTek track uses millions of recycled plastic bottles, plastic bags, and thousands of scrapped vehicle tires, instead of consuming over 750 trees.  Their crossties are said to last far longer than any other product, all while being much safer for the environment.

“Our product has a lifespan of over 50 years, even in harsh environmental conditions, and it cuts the cost of maintenance and replacement by offering superior materials,” says plant manager Dale Ramthun. “Our materials are approximately 80% recyclable and offer an environmentally conscious product that is long-lasting and durable.”  

First opening its doors in 2004, TieTek has been headquartered near Marshall for 17 years. Marshall was the prefect destination to call home because of the proximity to rail, major US highways, and the pre-existing facility that was already set up as a manufacturing plant for railroad products. TieTek has been under new leadership since January of this year, and they already have plans to expand their operation in Marshall and create more jobs locally.

“One of the biggest advantages of this facility in Marshall, is the infrastructure that already supported the production of rail equipment, so were able to produce product right away,” said Amber Powell, quality control manager. “This is a massive facility, and it has plenty of room for expansion, which we plan to do here soon with the opening of a second production line. The opening of a second line would bring in, roughly, 35 additional jobs.”

TieTek has been beneficial for the community and economy of Marshall. In January, the Marshall Economic Development Company (Marshall EDC) became more involved in TieTek’s growth efforts with incentive programs to promote employee growth and the expansion of operations with the opening of the second production line in the near future. Marshall EDC has always taken pride in local businesses that help grow and stimulate the economy of Marshall and the surrounding areas through capital investment and primary job creation.

“It’s great to see TieTek with an ownership group that is dedicated to growing and creating new opportunities,” commented Rush Harris, Executive Director of the Marshall EDC. “This past year has been hard on many people and businesses due to COVID; but it is encouraging to see businesses with the agenda to invest, expand and create more jobs here locally.”

TieTek is a business that is continuing to grow and flourish, which is good news for the community and the environment. TieTek receives their recycled materials from local and out-of-state recyclers. The more crossties that they produce, the less materials there are disposed in landfills. TieTek has a mission to become as environmentally friendly as possible, creating a safe product with superior materials, and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

“At TieTek, we are always looking for ways to improve our environment, as well as the people in it. Our products have safe, environmentally friendly materials, our workers value safety and conservation in the workplace, and even our facility and the energy we use here is eco-friendly,” said Powell. “We are trying to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible while making a superior product that can benefit communities everywhere across the nation.”

TieTek Global LLC is a business that plans to have a tremendous impact here locally in Marshall, as well as throughout the entire nation where their crossties are used. Through a tough previous year, where many businesses failed due to shutdowns, TieTek is growing and looking toward expansion. The opening of their second line will offer tremendous advantages for the company, as well as for the people and the community of Marshall.  

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