Wrapping Up Manufacturing Month in Marshall, Texas

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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Manufacturing Month takes place during October every year. Join us in sharing your appreciation for the manufacturers throughout Marshall, Texas that continue to enhance our local economy.

Why We Celebrate Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month occurs annually each October. This month presents the perfect opportunity for manufacturers throughout the U.S. to display a behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day work and facilities to students and other members of the community.

The folks at Marshall Economic Development Corporation are highly focused on growing the workforce in the area. The Marshall manufacturing industry has ample career opportunities for job seekers in the region who are interested in working for a company where there is room for advancement. Be sure to share with friends, family, and social media any open manufacturing opportunities you find in Marshall this Manufacturing Month! 

Thank You, Marshall-Area Manufacturers!

Marshall Economic Development Corporation would like to give a huge thanks to manufacturers throughout Marshall. We greatly appreciate the consistent hard work and the high-quality output of the manufacturers in the area from year to year. 

Popular industries for manufacturers in Marshall are chemical, plastics, and machining. Some notable manufacturers in Marshall include the following:

Manufacturing Industry Drives Texas Economy

Manufacturers in Texas play a large role in the overall state economy. According to the 2021 Texas Manufacturing Facts gathered by NAM, manufacturers in the state of Texas account for 13.07 percent of the total state output and employ 7.04 percent of the state workforce. These manufacturers range from small to large, as 93 percent of exporters in the state are small businesses.

Manufacturing companies are also known to have excellent working conditions. High school or trade school graduates who are employed by a Marshall manufacturer may be provided with the opportunity to advance within the company after a couple of years. Wages of manufacturing company employees are likely to increase to a higher level than the average U.S. household income. 

Manufacturers Are Setting Up Shop in Marshall

Both national and international manufacturing brands will find many perks of a site location in Marshall. The city is located between Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 59, where exporting goods is convenient due to the nearby highways, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the Harrison County Airport. Manufacturers in Marshall can also take advantage of the low costs of property, building materials, electricity, water, and natural gas.

Currently, there is a wide range of property types available in Marshall. Manufacturers can find available sites today! To schedule a site visit or to learn more about location opportunities in the area, give Marshall Economic Development Corporation a call at (903) 934-8035.

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