Marshall Economic Development Corporation highlights Education in New Video Series

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Marshall Economic Development Corporation posted new videos to highlighting education in the City of Marshall. 

MARSHALL, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 11, 2022 – The Marshall Economic Development Corporation was founded by the citizens and city council in 1991 to serve Marshall and the surrounding business community in Harrison County.  They are a Type A 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization that is funded through a portion of local sales tax dollars. They exist to serve local businesses in the community, as well as to support primary employers and jobs.

There are several featured highlights of the City of Marshall on their website from the local economy, transportation, land opportunities, and incentives for business owners. The newest update comes to the education page of the site, highlighting the areas higher education and opportunities for workforce development.

Potential businesses can see the educational advantages of choosing Marshall for their business growth in a series of videos from Panola College, Texas State Technical College, Wiley College, East Texas Baptist University, and the Marshall Independent School District. Having an educated population that is soon ready to enter into the workforce is just one of the many benefits that business owners can expect from choosing to house their business in Marshall, Texas.

In a town with a population of 25,000, having four institutions of higher education creates a certain uniqueness. The Marshall Independent School District also works collaboratively with these schools to encourage students to go from high school to a certification or degree without ever even needing to leave home.

“Having 4 colleges actively working with our local ISD on workforce development is a huge advantage.  Those same colleges and ISD are talking to our industries.  When you need certain skills taught and want to develop a pipeline of workers, our community is ready to address your need.” - Rush Harris, CEcD - Executive Director

These new videos, among others, can be viewed at or they can go to the Marshall Economic Development Corporation’s website at to read about additional advantages, learn about business incentives, and get contact information for the corporation.


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